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Let’s Do Another Series!

One of my favorite topics we covered in the theology classes I took this past year was the Gospel message and how it is presented in each of the four gospel accounts. And I got to thinking…you guys might find this interesting, too.

This is part of the material that I told you I’d be moving over from my other blog, but I’m going to tweak it and spice it up a little so that it’s not just a glob of information. I’ll add some pictures, a little music…and, of course, the complimentary dry humor and sarcasm :D

So you guys can be looking forward to that. In the meantime, however…

I’d really like some recommendations!

It’s really hard to write a blog when you’re not sure what your topics for posts should be, so if you guys could see fit to comment/email and tell me what you want to hear about, I’d really appreciate it.

Live Your Faith! (Part IV): Making Sacrifices

We don’t always think about the fact that truly following Christ will require sacrifices on our part. Some sacrifices might be forced upon us because of our faith in Jesus and others we might take upon ourselves to offer up to God. You guys have probably experienced the first type already. You might be rejected or made fun of by others because you choose to follow Christ. At school, you might be labeled a “Jesus Freak” and avoided by your classmates. Don’t resent these hardships! Instead, offer it up to God. I know it’s hard to be singled out…and yes, it can be frustrating at times. Even among my friends, I’m labeled the “crazy religious person”, and sometimes they take their comments a little bit far. But that’s part of it. If people single you out (even if they don’t realize they’re doing it), avoid you, or bully you, forgive them and offer that frustration and sorrow to God.

Then there are voluntary sacrifices, the ones that we take upon ourselves to show God our love and devotion in a special way. You might offer these sacrifices for a particular intention as well. Things like fasting, giving something up, or even dropping what you’re doing to go to Adoration for an hour fall under this category. These sacrifices which we choose on our own help us put our priorities in order: What is more important to me? Talking on the phone with my friends, or using that same time to quietly reflect on Scripture?

When we embrace sacrifice rather than reject it, we resemble Christ and His humble acceptance of suffering for our sake. If you find yourself thinking that a particular sacrifice or hardship is too much for God to ask of you, remember the torture Jesus suffered during His Passion. There is no sacrifice too great or too small: everything has value in God’s eyes. Offer up your suffering cheerfully! God’s love will always be enough for you.


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