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A Very Short Bio

I’m always a little lost when I try to describe myself…but I’ll do my best here. So, let’s start with basics. My name is Taylor (because I don’t want everyone calling me “catholicteenapologist” all the time…it’s way too long). I enjoy reading and writing as well as learning new things and meeting new people. I love Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church He established and, for this reason, answering questions about the Church and sharing my Faith with others are my favorite hobbies. Different religions and cultures fascinate me, as I think there is always something we can learn from people who are different than us (which is why the world isn’t boring and monotonous).

As an American southerner (and a proud one at that), part of my day consists of answering questions about my Faith. For those who don’t know, the Southern part of the United States is nicknamed “the Bible Belt”…and for a very good reason. There’s a church on every corner, a Bible in every house, and everyone’s a preacher. Misconceptions about the teachings of the Catholic Church are commonplace down here, so there’s no shortage of apologetic work that can be done. The questions I face daily have helped to challenge my faith, knock it down, and then rebuild it on solid ground. You can read more about my faith journey later, though.

There are two things you need to know about me before you start reading my blog. 1) I am very sarcastic. Honestly, I think it’s genetic. But in any event, be on the look-out for that. I have the bad habit of using it without thinking about it, but I’ll try to monitor myself and make it clear when I use it. 2) My sense of humor is as dry as the Dust Bowl. No joke. Because of that, it tends to kind of sneak up on people…so watch out for it. I apologize ahead of time if I crack a bad joke or something.

And Just How Am I Qualified to Write This?

That’s a fair question. I am, after all, a teenager. No degrees, no fancy letters after my name, nothing. But I don’t want everyone to think I’m just making all of this up, so let me explain a few things. I don’t know everything about the Church (that was me stating the obvious there), and I realize that. However, I’m not flying blind on this. For the past three years, I’ve answered questions about the Catholic Church on the internet and I’ve also started writing articles for different Catholic websites. Just recently, I finished a book about the Catholic Church that is being read through by my priest and several other people who are smarter than me (they aren’t actually that hard to find, really). I have yet to get an email telling me that I spoke any heresy in said book, so I’m counting that as a good thing. Hopefully, within the next two years, you will be able to purchase this book at your local Barnes & Noble. Fingers crossed.

The point of that whole little blurb wasn’t to brag. My point is this: don’t write me off because I’m a teenager. Humor me here: stick around and read the posts. Who knows? You might have so much fun that you’ll never want to leave!

  1. Hey Taylor!

    I’ll be checking this blog daily! It sounds like we’re very much alike, though none of my book projects are anywhere near completion. I admire your persistence and hard work!

    May God bless you and your mission here! I’m looking forward to all future posts!

  2. I will most definitely not write you off. Your articles are well written and informative. It’s a rare gift outside of the bible belt to find people well versed in the Bible and the Catholic church.

  3. Wow, this whole website really is inspiring, I am a teenager, from Britain and I am a devout catholic, so this really connects with me. I don’t really know anyone over here who is a religious catholic teen and it gives me a bit of hope that I am not the only one on God’s green earth. How many teenagers are true catholics?
    God Bless and keep up the good work Xxx

    • Glad you like the site!

      I also think there is a huge problem with people our age today who are not involved in their faith. Perhaps, though, this is due to the fact that they so often do not realize how beautiful the Catholic Faith is and they don’t know that it is a gift. I think we just have to live by example, pray, and be ready to share our love of the Faith with them if they ever ask us.

      Thanks for the comment! Let me hear from you again on here.

      God bless!

  4. Hi:

    I have four kids that go to Catholic School and I’m looking to go into the classroom and talk to them about “Junior Apologetics.” I want them to never be afraid to defend The Truth and let them know that there are many people, like you, doing just that.

    Thank you for your inspiration!

    • That sounds awesome, Annette! I wish schools and religious education programs would put more of an emphasis (perhaps during high school or middle school years) on the defense of the faith. I know so many teenagers who are afraid to ask questions–and are terrified of being asked questions! They need to know that it is okay to ask and to search for answers on their own, and they also need to realize that there are people who will ask them questions about the Church that might challenge their faith. But in the end, asking and answering questions strengthens faith and brings a person closer to God.

      I hope you are able to speak with the students!

      God bless!

  5. Nice work for a young Catholic surrounded by an antagonistic South. Keep it up!!

    • Thanks for the comment and the encouragement!

      God bless!

    • With respect to you, people in the South are antagonistic against the RCC for a good reason/s. Just to tell you a few of my own:
      1) My entire family was RC and then realized that they were not saved! My father was very devout but did not know Christ because the RCC did not lead him to the knowledge of how to know and experience the new birth that Jesus spoke of in John 3.
      2) I worked for many years doing wedding photography and visited all kinds of churches, RCCs among them. I can honestly say that I have never met any worse representation of Christ among clergy than those of the RCC. They were mean and dogmatic as well as without the love of God in their words and actions.
      3) My grandfather was a rare RC member who actually did come to faith in Christ. At his funeral, the priest knew that many of us were Evangelical, so he made it a point to call us out and disgrace us at the opening of the funeral service with harsh words.
      4) The RCC is guilty of the blood of many Christians throughout the centuries. It owned more than half of all lands in Europe and was the sole reason for the disgusting crusades that gave all of Christianity a black-eye in the Muslim World.
      5) The RCC has literally created doctrines from thin air. They have glorified Mary to the point that she has become an idol. This and many other doctrines of the RCC do not find any justification from the Gospels or the writings of the Apostles — they were created only because the RCC, in violation of Jesus’ own exhortations, has elevated the traditions of men above that of the Holy Word of God.
      6) Look all through the RC Church body and what do you find… mostly unregenerate sinners who could not tell you anything about the Word of God or of the things of God. They are not born again by God’s Spirit and have not been taught such things that are biblical.
      7) Jesus said, “Let no man all you ‘father’ for there is only one who is your father and that is God.”

  6. Hey Taylor,
    I’m a teenager too! I really like your blog, mostly because I can pretty much relate to your posts. I mean, I just read your post on the Easter Vigil… And I can literally feel your excitement and joy, just through each line that you have typed!
    It’s nice to see a fellow teen who enjoys spreading the love of God to others! =D
    Could you check out my blog too? It’s kinda new, but I’m hoping that it’ll reach more people, especially those who have several doubts about the Catholic Faith.
    Thanks and God Bless You!
    Love and Prayers,
    Nikky. (

    • Hey, Nikky!
      I looked at your blog. AWESOME! I went a little “like” happy, so you might have several notifications :) Your posts are really interesting. I always love seeing other teenagers who enjoy talking about the Catholic Faith and sharing that faith with other people. Makes me happy!

      Glad you liked that post on the Easter Vigil! I was definitely excited when I wrote it…but I couldn’t help it. That Mass, in particular, always leaves me extra charged. The joy of Easter is infectious!

      Let me hear from you in comments and blog posts often!

      God bless!


  7. nice work :)

  8. Hey Taylor,
    I pray you are doing well. Firstly, I want to let you know that it has been a joy keeping up with your blog, and it has been a pleasure to read. My name is Corey Hubbard, and I am one of the Managers of ‘Fire of the Spirit’ Teen Group. We are a Catholic teen group devoted to the evangelization and awakening of Catholic teenagers everywhere, both in the beliefs of the Church and the importance of the world we live in. Currently, our mission encompasses a bi-monthly magazine, (soon to come) YouTube Channel, and a blog which will be opening in a few weeks. You can find more information about our group on:

    I actually have a job proposition for you. ‘Fire of the Spirit’ has grown immensely over the past couple of years, and as time has gone by my team and I have been trying to come up with ways to help other teens on the web: most especially by giving them the tools to be seen by a greater audience. Just looking around on the web, it is amazing to see all the talent and gifts present in all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, but I always am disappointed at how little you all are seen. At the moment we are looking to partner with different Catholic bloggers on the web, so as to create one unified blog where everyone can be seen in one place. This way our group can drive as many views to you all as possible, and your missions may be noticed by an even larger audience.

    The way our blog would run is that you, along with many other bloggers, would write up a post whenever you felt inclined too and then email it to the blog manager. He would then go through the posts he received for the week and decide what will be posted for that week. Afterwards, a group of teens would go through the posts submitted and give out advice on how to improve future posts (which you can choose to use or not). In exchange for you posting on our blog, you would receive permanent advertising on our website, and would be on our blogging member page; including a short biography about yourself, your blog, and a hyperlink to it.

    Sorry this comment is huge XD. Please email me if you have any questions or would like more information at: Keep up the good work, I am praying for you! God bless.
    In Christ through Mary-
    Corey H.

  9. Oops, pardon me, our web address actually is: Thanks so much!

  10. Taylor, Happy Easter 2014.
    I stumbled into your website doing some research on when the gospels were written and exactly by whom. I’m 44 and have three kids (15, 13 and 11) here in Houston. We’re Catholic, and have many, many friends who are strict Protestants. Lately, my oldest has been hearing from her friends that Catholics aren’t Christian. We did some research on why they say that today also, and discussed it as a family. The judgement is silly.
    Anyhow, I have spent almost an hour reading through your blog. You’re a fun writer. You have some interesting stuff. You’re smart!
    I’m definitely going to share your site with my kids. We’ll see if they are ready to dive into their faith by themselves. I think you make it very accessible. Wasn’t that how Jesus did it too?
    Thanks for your efforts here.
    Happy Easter.

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