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  1. Asking permission to copy your page about the Four vs. One Gospel to use in a class of four students. Class is: Jesus in The Gospels. Your material dovetails quite well with an overview I’m presenting this week.

  2. Thank you so much. Citation has been duly noted.

  3. I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been praying and considering talking to my priest to start an Apologetics for teenagers group. I’m a teen as well and have found that being able to defend the Catholic faith is crucial in this secular world. Even to hear about other children (teenagers are children…why can’t they just get over that fact and move on?) who are in love with Christ makes me rejoice. I just subscribed to this site and look forward to receiving the posts. God Bless,

    • That’s a great idea, Hope! In a similar vein, I’m working on starting up an ecumenical group for teenagers from the different denominations of Christianity. Perhaps if we, as teens, could learn to understand and respect each other, the future of the Christian Church will be that much brighter.

      An apologetics group would be wonderful! You’re right–being able to defend your faith is definitely crucial, and it’s troubling to me that there seems to be such a huge issue with education in the Church. It’s a problem that we need to address, certainly.

      Good luck with your group! Keep me posted on that, if you don’t mind. I’d be interested to know how it turns out.

      God bless!

      • I will definitely keep you posted. I hope it works out. My only concern is that very few people will join it. Apologetics can be a hard thing, and frankly, the Catholic teens I know simply don’t seem to care. I guess prayers and hard work are all I can do.

      • Apologetics can definitely 1) be hard work and 2) require infinite amounts of patience. I would suggest first going around to teens at your parish and finding out if they are interested in learning more about the defense of the faith. If nothing comes of that, you might try asking your priest and other priests for the names of people who they feel might be interested in such a group. Your diocese should have a director of youth outreach, and he/she might also be able to help you out. I’d be willing to bet you’ll find at least a few other teens who will find the idea intriguing.

        You might also want to see if some of the priests or deacons from your diocese would be willing to give presentations to your group concerning different topics. For example, one might come and speak on the importance of Sacred Tradition and its role in the Church and another might speak on the origins of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Things like that would give your group a solid and secure foundation for discussion.

  4. It’s so nice to get suggestions! Thanks, I will keep all those in mind and start asking around. If the parish pastor is okay with the idea and I find other teens, I know people that would be happy to contribute to the group. I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around in my head and have been working to put them on paper. Something I noticed, was that teens don’t know anything about Church history, which is super important to defend 1) that the Church is apostolic–authority from the apostles, ultimately given from Jesus and 2) it’s good to know what the heck the Church has actually been doing for the past 2000 years. So I think I’ll start with a little of that (heavens, not too much…people might run away!). I’m a little like you are when reading the Bible, and I like starting at the beginning. It’s good to understand the origin in order to understand the teachings now.

    • History is always a great place to start, especially considering the fact that many people distort historical facts. There are a few good books on Church history that I would recommend: A Concise History of the Catholic Church by Thomas Bokenkotter, Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church (this book contains as much bias as the title suggests, by the way) by H.W. Crocker III, The Popes: Histories and Secrets by Claudio Rendina, and The Teachings of the Church Fathers compiled by John R. Willis, SJ. The Teachings of the Fathers are fascinating because they are primary sources that speak to how the Church was teaching during the early centuries, so they are a great source for the earlier history of the Catholic Church.

      Like you said, though, you probably wouldn’t want to hit everyone with too much Church history, and you’d also want to be careful about getting information from authoritative texts and persons. You know…you might try looking at the Catholic schools in your area and contacting some of the teachers who teach Church History to ask for their advice on how best to approach this topic.

      • It’s so sad to think I’ve been on this computer since maybe 4 and still working on homework, but I’m glad you answer so quickly. It gives me a quick break from school to refresh my mind. Back to what you said, I will look those books up. Books are always a good resource. I’m actually reading the first book you recommended by Thomas Bokenkotter now and it has a good, brief but informative glimpse through history. Thanks for your advice (I’ll probably be saying that a lot…but I really mean it, and will most likely take it)!

      • I love the book by Bokenkotter. It’s easy to understand while still providing tons of information about the history of the Church, so it is definitely a great resource.

        Glad my comments have helped you! I completely identify with the need for a break from school work…sometimes I feel like all I ever do is homework! My consolation is knowing that it will all pay off in the end, but that end is sure a long way coming!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Merry (the day after) Christmas!

  7. My name is Chase and I go to a Catholic high school.. you would think that at the said high school there would be some sort of youth group but there actually isn’t. This is my question, I would like to start a group at my school but I’m not really sure how to start one that will actually draw people in. What would you suggest doing?

    • Oh wow…I am SO sorry that I am only just now responding to your comment, Chase. I hope my response isn’t too little too late.

      As to your question, I would suggest getting a group of people together and planning some outreach trips and group activities. Maybe you guys could go out and volunteer in a soup kitchen or read to children or feed the homeless or do fundraisers for charities…lots of possibilities there! You could also come up with some fun things, like a kickball tournament or something like that. Maybe even a small Bible study, if people are interested.

      What kinds of things were you thinking about doing?

  8. quid.est.veritas

    Thank you for this blog. Honestly, I haven’t been to a youth group sort environment in 2 years, and it’s been my first 2 years of public school. For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by atheists, nondenominationals, and others who only find fault with the Catholic Church. It was difficult, but it’s refreshing to know other teens who love to be Catholic are out there.

    • That is a tough situation! I went to public schools from 3rd grade through high school, and I faced some interesting questions from people who were curious about my faith and some from people who were just hostile. I think, though, that those experiences helped me to grow in my faith in a way that might not otherwise have happened.

      It’s always great to know that other Catholic teens love the Church! There’s something really encouraging and uplifting about that knowledge…we’re in this together!

      Thanks for the comment! I hope to hear from you again soon. God bless!


  9. Fr Victor Machado

    Please answer a question of mine: Was the resurrection narrative added later to Mark’s gospel or was it there from the beginning. Because,the New Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition) says ‘some of the most ancient authorities bring the book to a close at the end of v.8 of Chapter 16′. Are the resurrection and the appearing to disciples original to Mark. Please clarify and God bless

    • Father–

      I checked on this in the footnotes of my translation. According to them, it is believed by some scholars that the original ending to the Gospel of Mark may have been lost because the account ends so abruptly at 16:8. Everything up to 16:8 (which includes the Resurrection narrative, but not the appearances) is accepted by scholars as being original to Mark’s account.

      We do have two endings–the longer and the shorter–that are included in the canon and are added on after 16:8. It is from these that we get Mark’s account of Jesus’ appearances to His followers. These two endings were both found in different copies of manuscripts of Mark’s Gospel. It is believed that the longer ending was around at least as early as the second century because it was cited by some Church Fathers, and the shorter ending has been around since as early as the seventh century. In some manuscripts, these two endings appear together in the same way that they are recorded in the canon now. As far as I know, it is not believed by the majority of scholars that either of these endings was part of the original account.

      I hope that helps! God bless you.


  10. Augustine Mendes

    hey where are you haven’t been posting for a while

    • Augustine–

      Yeah…I haven’t posted in several months. Sorry about that! I couldn’t think of anything to write a post on, plus the end of the academic year got a little crazy. I’m hoping to post some new material soon. Any suggestions for posts you’d like to see?

      God bless!


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