Ray Bradbury: A Tribute

One of my all-time favorite authors passed away this week (Wednesday, June 6, 2012), so I thought I’d do a little tribute post to him.

I don’t know if you guys have ever read any of Bradbury’s work, but let me be the first to tell you: if you haven’t, you really should. His books and short stories are absolutely incredible and they’ll capture the imagination of people of every age. His work takes you to different worlds and different times. You’ll meet aliens, a world annihilated by nuclear wars, and firemen who start fires instead of put them out.

But I know what some people might be thinking: I don’t like sci-fi! Well, there’s your first mistake. Bradbury was not just a science fiction author…that’s what makes his work so great. Those Martians? They represent the native people who were run off their land by settlers. The desolated world? That’s a statement about environmental issues and the consequences of war and hatred. The fire-starting firemen? All a commentary on McCarthyism.

I LOVE Ray Bradbury’s writing because it’s so full of awesome imagery for one thing, but also because all of his works carry with them messages about society, about people. And yes, even about God (believe it or not).

This past school year, I wrote a paper about Ray Bradbury’s use of religion inThe Messiah, one of his many short stories. If you ever have the chance to look up Bradbury’s views on religion, you should really check it out. Many people have the tendency to say that he was against belief in God because he was constantly writing about aliens and space travel, but Bradbury himself stated that he didn’t see science and religion as enemies. According to Bradbury, space travel will increase our belief in God, not diminish it, because through space travel we will be able to see more of what He has created.

Here’s a short (very short) reading list for those who would like to pick up some of Bradbury’s work. I highly recommend the following:

Fahrenheit 451     This is the story with the firemen who start the fires. I’m not going to say too much about it…half the fun is reading it for yourself and picking it apart until you figure out what it means. Suffice it to say, though, that this is my hands-down favorite Ray Bradbury book.

Something Wicked This Way Comes     Do you like storms? Halloween themes? Creepy carnivals? You’re in luck.

The Martian Chronicles     This is a compilation of short stories about Mars expeditions. GREAT stories, GREAT messages.

The Messiah     If I have a favorite short story by Ray Bradbury, it’s this one. So. Amazing. The moral to the story? We human beings know nothing about God.

Downwind from Gettysburg     History, drama, and an odd twist. Wonderful short story…with more than a few messages, I think.

Anyway, those will get you started…but they’ll only whet your appetite for more. Happy reading!

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I am a Catholic teenager who loves to share the truth of the Catholic Faith with others.

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  1. I just read his short story ‘The Smile’ which was a real delight and I found so many wonderful quotes attributed to Ray Bradbury, listening to him is soothing, he had such wisdom.

    I love the metaphors you mention which depict the real message he writes about, he wasn’t into labels and that certainly makes me more interested in reading his work.

    A wonderful tribute, thank you.

  2. His works were amazing. Some of the best imagery in novel form I have found. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” is proudly displayed on my bookshelf wall in my room in a collage. He left a wonderful assortment of words to cherish.

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